Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things That Make Me Laugh!!

This week has been a rough week...sick kiddo, sick babysitter, sick Mommy...all on different days!! So, I have been in and out of work all week. My first graders told me today that I was FIRED!!! However, in all the craziness Eli has kept me laughing like always!
**Tonight he was spinning around the kitchen singing Ring Around the Rosies and then would stop and try to focus his eyes and say "WHOA!!!"
**We made muffins because he is obsessed with Do You Know the Muffin Man song right now. He sang that song the whole time we mixed, baked, and ate our muffins!
**He is obsessed with wearing flip flops right now (maybe because Mommy is too) however, he calles them "fleep flops"...cracks me up!
**He made a "pizza" in his sand/water table on a round, flat, cork plant thing tonight. After he got it all situated he was holding it and said "Inside please." I asked why he needed to go in..."Cook, Oven"!!! After he cooked it he served it with his sand shovel.
**He loves to pretend to cook right now (again, Mommy's influence??). The other night while mixing sand in his bowl he made "ketchup," "ot dogs (hot dogs)", "cookies", and "cake."
**Eli never calls his toes, toes...always calls them "my piggy toes!"

Remember I haven't been feeling well, so these may not be as funny to you. However, they have gotten me through this week=)

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