Monday, May 18, 2009

Name Tags

The church we go to has labels that you print out when you check the kids in. One label goes on their back (so they don't mess with it!), one on their diaper bag, and one stays with you so you can "claim" them after church. Yesterday after church when I took Eli's name tag off he wanted to see it. He was asking about it and I told him was Eli's name tag. We looked and he spelled E-L-I. Then he stuck it on me. I told him Mommy couldn't wear it because it said Eli. We kept talking about it and he kept spelling his name until the sticky wore off. During lunch he went to the fridge and pulled off one of his creations and tore off the corner that had his name on it. He went and laid it on Ginger's back and said "Name!" "Good Girl!!" We are all marked now=)

Last night during his bath, Eli was being a wild man. I said "Eli you are a nut!" His response "No nut Eli, Mommy nut!!" OH MY!

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