Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Funnies!

**I was talking with Eli this morning. He said "Ginger is a puppy dog." "Scout is a kitty cat." I asked "What is Eli?" His response...CUTE!!!

**We have a story in my family that my grandmother always told us. She was painting one day and up on a ladder. She asked one of the boys (my dad or my uncle) to go get her a drink of water. They did and as she was drinking this nice cold water she realized the only place they could reach water was the toilet! Well... tonight after we came home from our walk, Eli was standing in the kitchen with a full cup of water having a drink. I begin looking around to see where he could reach water. GINGER'S BOWL!! I asked him if he filled his cup up out of the dog bowl and he said "YEAH!!" YUMMY!!! And the story goes on...

**The pics at the top are from Hawaiian Falls. The little girl that is not Josie is our new neighbor and friend Ida. She went swimming with us last week but they left before we did. We were in the lazy river and some little girls were calling for their friend Maya. Eli kept saying "NO! It Ida!!"

**Josie calls me Chelle and we have been with Josie a lot lately. Eli and I were reading a book about the beach and asked "what's that?" and pointed to a seashell. I said "that's a shell." He then pointed to a starfish and asked "Josie?" "Wawa?"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Things I Don't Want to Forget...

Eli does things every day that make me smile, I am thinking of a few of them that have happened in the last day or two that I want to remember:
*Ordering a purple flush (grape slush) at Sonic
*Singing "Where Oh Where has My Paci Gone?" to the perfect tune of where oh where has my little dog gone!
*Marching down the hall in his duck towel after his bath saying "march" "march" "march"
*Hearing "goo gin Mommy" (do it again!)
*Asking for pokcorn for dinner...and NOT sharing it!!
*Picking out a matching stocking cap the last 2 Sundays for church. Yes, it is JUNE and 100 degrees here!! (That's what the pics are above.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Popsicles Anyone??

Weekend in Oklahoma City

My goofy boy!!

Josie wasn't wearing hers head to toe when she finished!

We stopped and got fried pies in Davis...right outside of Falls Creek!

Eli and Josie's dirty little piggy toes at the party!

Feeding the ducks at the birthday party.

Beautiful Metne!

Grandma, Papa, Josie, and Eli!

As we were walking along the river, Eli would say "I HOT!" and sit and rest every chance he got!

Josie and Eli on the boat in Bricktown.

This weekend was my Mom and Dad's 39th wedding anniversary. We met them in OKC to celebrate. Had a great time in Bricktown and the hotel pool! Eli and Josie are both part fish. They were jumping off the wall, swimming to us, and enjoying every second! I was able to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial for the first time. I am so glad I finally got to go. It is beautiful! We also got to meet my sister's best friend's new baby girl Metne and celebrate her 1st birthday. It was a very fun weekend with lots to celebrate!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is how I spend at least some part of every summer day. At the water park...with my boy...splashing around!! It is too HOT in Texas to do much else from June to August=) I love the time we spend there and I am amazed at the new "tricks" he does every day!!