Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making Me Laugh

Eli does things all the time that keep us in stitches. It's a good thing he's funny...makes up for some of the naughtiness!! These are a few things that have happened this week:
While we were at my parent's for Spring Break, the wind blew non-stop. Angela got the kids kites to fly and they loved them. After we had flown kites and were back at the house Eli saw my Mom's wooden bear holding a little plastic flag. He said, "Grandma, kite" pointing to the flag. Mom said, "no that's a flag." Eli repeated "kite" and she told him again it was a flag. At that point he ripped the plastic flag off the stick, threw it up in the air, and watched it sail away and said again "KITE"!!!!
We ran into the grocery store Sunday for butter and milk. I figured 2 items, one baby, we can do this with no cart...ha, ha! I was carrying Eli (no small task now that he is over 30 pounds!!!), he carried the butter, and I carried the milk. As we were walking toward the checkout he saw a lady pushing her cart. He said, "BASKET" and hurled his butter into HER basket!! She was a little startled but thankfully thought it was funny. Lesson learned...ALWAYS get a basket no matter how few things we are picking up!
Eli has decided he loves "working out" in the garage with his daddy. I think it's the loud music and shiny weights! When Daddy works out he usually takes his shirt off. Now Eli can't wait to get home, pull his shirt off, and "play in garage"!! As long as he will wear clothes elsewhere I am OK with this=) However, today as soon as we got to the gate in the backyard he started trying to get his shirt over his head. Oh dear!!

These pictures are "Daddy's Shadow" helping him vaccuum the living room! Notice their legs in the last pic, they are in an identical position!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Famous Phrases

Eli has picked up a few new phrases over Spring Break. He is putting more and more words together! Today he asked for "monkeys jumping on the bed" song!! These are the phrases I have heard over and over this week...
"No Mama!!" Self explanatory and the answer to EVERY question!!
"What's that sound?" This started at my mom's house with her grandfather clock that chimes every 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes we heard "what's that sound?" He now does it with every unfamiliar sound he hears!
"I need Keenixxxx" He has a very runny nose right now and this is a plea for a Kleenex.
"I play basketball" It is March Madness after all...we watch a lot of the games around here!!
"GO, GO POKES!!!!" Again, March Madness time and OSU is in the tourney. They won today and I KNOW it was because of Eli's cheering!! During the Big 12 tourney it was "Go, Go Chokes"...so I am glad we got the pronunciation taken care of!
Eli has had a cough to go with his runny nose, so after he coughs I ask "are you OK?" and he always says, "NO!!" Poor baby!

Spring Break

We spent the first part of our Spring Break with Grandma and Papa in Nowata. Eli and Josie had a great time playing together for a few days. The weather was beautiful the whole time we were there, so we spent LOTS of time outside. I was fortunate to be able to see some of my friends and have play dates with their kiddos too! It's so nice to get to catch up!! Here are some pics from the week.

Josie's choice at the gas station on the way to Nowata was powdered sugar donuts...Eli asked nice enough that she shared!! Actually he cried and she felt sorry for him and fed him hers!! What a great cousin!

One of the parks we went to had an antique fire engine. Eli LOVED it and spent lots and lots of time climbing and playing on it.

He also liked the see saw. Josie may be 15 months older, but he already outweighs her!

A rare sight indeed...both kids sleeping at the SAME time!! And NO, that is NOT my son's PINK carseat...he likes sitting in Josie's seat and she likes sitting in his!

We met my college roomie and dear friend, Kim, at the zoo in Tulsa. These are her 2 kiddos with us. They walked like this through quite a lot of the zoo.

Zoo buddies!!

One of my oldest, well not quite as old as me!!, friends Lindy came over. These are her girls with Eli and Josie on Grandma's golf cart! When she told her daughter that we had been friends for over 20(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) years she said "then she knows EVERYTHING!!" We have been through lots and lots and it is ALWAYS good to hang out with her. And there is NO WAY we are THAT old!! =)

The wiggle warts and Papa before we left. Eli said "Bye bye cup" before he said "bye bye Papa." My dad keeps a huge cup of ice water by his chair and Eli LOVED that cup!!

We also got to hang out with my good, good friend Allison and her little girl. Those pics are on her camera though...I'll add them when I get them!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Eli is scared of statues. Don't know why, but he is! This weekend we went into Old Navy. If you have seen their ad campaign, it is all mannequins. So when we walk in the door and he is greeted by at least a dozen mannequins he takes a step back and says, "I SCARED!!" I wasn't sure we were going to get in far enough to shop=)

This morning we walked out the door to go to school. Because of daylight savings time it still looks like it is night. He said, "IT DARK." I am sure he was wondering why I was taking him to Mrs. Anita's in the middle of the night!

Last night after completing some sort of task we hear, "I DID IT!!" Followed by...a bow!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Eli is now consistently counting to W! It goes like this..."one, two, pree, por, pibe, six, W" and then he is finished! Sometimes 8 gets in before W. I guess the teacher in me will have to start working on what is a number and what is a letter=)

I knew there was something else I wanted to add to the things he is saying right now. He says "help you" all the time. He actually wants you to help HIM, but I am sure it is from hearing do you want me to help you?

We have been playing outside all morning in his sand and water table. I love that it is warm enough to wake up and go outside!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Little Chatterbox

Eli's language is absolutely exploding right now. It seems like everyday he has more new words! I want to start documenting or I know I will forget. Here are some of my favorites at the moment:

Good Manners:

"Please" usually followed by "chocolate." "Please chocolate please!"
"Thank you" used EVERY TIME you give him something. Melted my heart the night he said "tank you" after I tucked him in!
"I'm Sorry" said after he hurts HIMSELF. I finally figured it out one night in the bathtub after he had stubbed his toe. I am sure it's because I tell him "I'm sorry" when he falls or bumps!
"Hewre" when is trying to hand you something. The first time is fairly polite, the second time is rather loud, and by the third time he is yelling and shoving something for you to take in your direction.
"Excuse me"...oh yeah, he doesn't say that as he thinks burps and toots are hilarious and is laughing too hard...BOYS!!!

The Songs:

He loves to sing, his current songlist includes:
"Twinkle, Twinkle" the first song he ever learned
"The Wheels on the Bus" the favorite at the moment, we sing, listen to, or read the book MANY times a day!
"If You're Happy and You Know It"
"ABC Song"

The Commands:
"No, no, no" to everyone for everything that is not OK. Hmmmm wonder why he is so familiar with those words!
"Sit Mommy" is what he tells me when he wants me to sit and read, sit and watch him take his bath, sit on the other swing at the park, and what he told me the other night after I had been taking pictures of him for 5 minutes already.
The next command is a story. We have a big, yellow lab (Ginger) who likes nothing more than to swim. Eli has called Ginger Good Girl since he could talk because that's what I told her every morning (with Eli on my hip) when she brought the paper in. Ginger is allowed to swim at the duck pond but NOT at the park we go to every day because the water looks like sewer water and smells about that good! The other day Ginger just couldn't contain herself and jumped in the water at the park. This scared Eli because he was too little to remember her swimming last summer and then infuriated him because she scared him. So Eli gets right in Ginger's face shaking his little finger and says "NO, NO, NO Good Girl. No yucky paboat (Eli's word for water, no idea why!). NO NO!!!" This conversation continued for the next half hour we were at the park. The next day he told her "No, no, no Good Girl. No yucky paboat" as soon as I took her leash off. The next day (and everyday since) he gives her the warning before we even leave the house. Poor Good Girl!!

The Random Things:
"I Did It!!"
"Right there!"
"JosieWaWa" He seems to think Josie and LaLa (my sister) have to come as a package!

I know I will think of more and I WILL post them. I don't want to forget!!