Monday, July 27, 2009

My Baby Is TWO!!!

Eli turned 2 this week, so hard to believe! He knows that this was HIS Happy Birthday and was so excited all week. The morning of his birthday when he woke up I sang "Happy Birthday" and asked him how old he was now. He held up all the fingers on one hand and said "FIVE"! We had his favorite, chocolate chip pancakes, for breakfast. That afternoon we went to check the mail and he said "It my Happy Birthday, I have card." Thank goodness Grandma and Papa's card was there!! He opened it and I asked him what it said. His response "Happy Birthday MINE!!" All day he said "It my happy birthday" and "I five" or "I only one." We're working on the "I'm 2." I know he knows because he has told a few people, he's just ornery like that! We made blue buttercream frosting that he ate half of from the bowl! Josie and her friend Katy came over that evening and brought cupcakes for the blue frosting. We went and played at McDonald's and ate chicken nuggets. What a day for a 2 year old! I will post party pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grandma and Papa's House

Eli and I spent the 4th of July weekend plus a day or two at my parents house. He did NOT want to leave Grandma's house and come back to Texas. But he also did NOT want his Mommy to go to Texas without him!! We had such a good time. There was an incredible fireworks display right over my parents driveway. Once Eli decided the "booms" weren't going to blow us up, he LOVED the "colors." "I see nother purple color." "I see nother green color." We had about an hour of gorgeous fireworks! We also got to hang out with my friend Lindy and her kiddos. Eli had such a good time hanging with the big kids. After they left he kept saying "Where my friends go?" Lindy and I also got to hang out at the movies with NO kids one night...what a treat!!! We played at the park a lot, swam a lot, and "helped" Grandma a lot. Same thing we do in Texas, but it's all better at Grandma's!