Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Eli's "new word for the day" is OK. This is the conversation we had in the car on the way to meet our friends Amy and Molly at the mall.
Me: We are going to go to the mall to play with Molly.
Eli: OK
Me: But first we have to stop by the store.
Eli: OK
Me: After we play at the mall we are going to take Ginger to the park.
Eli: OK
Me: Eli, I love you.
Eli: (Of course!!) OK!!!

It made me laugh=)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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OK, OK I'm In!!!

After having a million reason I DID NOT want to blog, I decided this morning I did. Eli is saying and doing so many things I want to remember and I'll be honest...I don't run and grab his baby book or make a scrapbook page every time one of them happens! I want him to have memories of all the funny things that happen in day to day life and so do I!! I have tried scrapbooking and get so bogged down, I think it's the million sticker choices for each page!! So, here it goes...our adventure in the blogging world...