Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Eli and I spent our Fair Day at the Dallas Arboretum. I have never seen more pumpkins in my whole life. It was incredible!!! It was a beautiful Texas fall day, so we were cool in the morning and spent the end of the day splashing in the fountains!! I think I will always choose my pumpkin patch on the basis of whether or not they have a splash park. We also got to see a very fun kids' concert and eat a picnic lunch while we were there. As soon as we left Eli said, "I want to come back here and bring Ida and Josie!"

**Sorry the pictures are in no particular order...I have a hard time getting them to load the way I want! The top pictures are by the tub of pumpkins he spent half an hour rounding up and arranging. He was "tending" they were apples! The sleeping picture is on the way home, basically right out of the parking lot=) Most of the other ones are some of the beautiful views and the pumpkin village houses.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

4th of July

Watching fireworks!

Hot dogs for dinner!!

We started the day off fishing with Grandma!

We spent the 4th in Nowata with Grandma and Papa and WaWa and Josie. It was a VERY cool and rainy July 4th weekend which is VERY rare in Oklahoma! However, it was all clear for the fireworks!! Eli LOVED them this year. When we sit in my mom and dad's driveway they go off literally right above our heads. It is an awesome display! Mom made homemade ice cream, MY favorite!!! I think Josie is on the way to becoming a homemade ice cream fanatic too though!!

Eli's 3rd Birthday!

Eli turned 3 this week! He has been SOOOO excited about his birthday. What he wanted was ALL his friends in one place and a Buzz Lightyear cake. We were able to deliver on both things! I only had pictures of the cakes and the table on my camera...I ran out of batteries!! However, Stefani, , took pictures of the party for me. I will post them once I get them from her =)

Eli has asked me every day for WEEKS..."am I free yet?" And I answer, "no, you are still 2." He responds, "I have been 2 for wots and wots and wots and wots of days!!" I have assured him that he will be 3 for just as many days.

The people who he wanted at his party (and who all showed up!!) were Mommy and Daddy, WaWa and Josie, Anne and Ida, Paige, Allie, and Baby Jack, Miss Anita (his babysitter who he LOVES as much as his family!, and his friends from Miss Anita's house...Aiden, Raegan, and Kennedy. We had the party at a splash park, which was SO much fun! Everybody got a bucket to play with in the water with water toys. Eli picked each person's bucket and filled it for them. He was so excited to get everything ready for all his friends.

He also wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake which we got from a friend in Nowata. It turned out fabulous and he LOVED it!! He and I made alien cupcakes to take to Miss Anita's and to the party. He put the eyes and horns on each of them. He picked out all the plates, napkins, juice boxes, etc. This was the first year that he was very involved in his party.

I have decided next year we are having his birthday the minute he wakes up though. I answered the question "is it my party yet?" a million times on Thursday!! Luckily Anne and Ida went to the park with us and played for 3 hours to pass the LONG day!!

More pics to come soon!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Pictures

I WANT to be one of those people who blogs on a (close-to) daily basis...I really do!! BUT, I am NOT! So, here are our family pictures from February! Love how they turned out. Thanks Stefani!