Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tank you Momma!

Tonight while I was rocking Eli he kept pointing out bug bites for me to kiss. He found several, many that I couldn't even see! Each time I would kiss one he would say "tank you, Momma, tank you." Melted my heart! That's why his craziness doesn't drive me completely over the edge=)

Other funny things he says right now:
"I Don't Know"-his answer to EVERYTHING, even when he DOES know!! The other night he was playing with one of his toys that asks where is the circle? where is the bird? etc. He kept telling it "I don't know!!"
"My Mankie"-for my blankie
"My Faci"-for my paci
"hunder"-the noise it makes when it is storming!! The other day it started drizzling and he started saying "hunder, Mommy, hunder!" Tonight when the thunder started the dog was outside. Eli ran to the door and said "Good Girl outside, no, no it hunder!" We hurried to let her in!! =)

Yesterday when we got home Ginger had had an accident in the house...it was NOT her fault! As I was trying to mop everything up Eli kept saying "Why Good Girl do that Mommy? Yuck!"

Songs he sings now:
Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
Jingle Bells (!!!!)
The Barney Song and every time he says "a great big hug" he has to give one!

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  1. He is so darn smart! I miss you guys. Let's do something on a weekend.