Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pacis, Flip Flops, and Elephants!!

My kiddo keeps me in stitches most of the time! Sometimes I just have to laugh to keep from crying because he is so high energy ALL THE TIME!! These are the funny things he has done in the last few days that I want to remember!

As you can tell from pictures on my blog, my son is VERY attached to his paci. Not just any paci, but the GREEN Soothie pacis like they give babies at the hospital. I have bought him a pack or 2 of the blue Soothie pacis that are for 3 months and up, but he won't take them (he used to, but now he won't!). In fact he has thrown them at me several times yelling "GEEN PACI!!" The other night we were laying in our bed playing and I kept taking Eli's paci and saying "mine" and he would grab it back and say "mine"! I finally said, "where is Mommy's paci?" Eli says "right back" (which means I'll be right back) and takes off running down the hall. He comes right back with the blue pacis and says "Momma blue paci"!!! Problem solved!!

We often go shopping with Josie (my 3-year-old niece) and "LaLa" (my sister). The other day we were in Target and they had the Converse All-Star canvas tennies that actually fit my child's extra wide feet. While I was trying to decide which color I liked to try on him, Josie was trying on the purple, sparkly flip flops that were at her eye level. When I found black tennis shoes in Eli's size I called him over and asked him if he wanted to try them on. I heard, "NO, I flip flops." Apparently the purple sparkly flip flops were much more attractive to him. I tried them on (against his will) and bought the black shoes with a white star. The next morning I put them on and said "Eli, look at your new shoes! Do you like them?" He looked down and said "NO!" This morning I let him pick his own shoes. I heard "I flip flops Mommy" fortunately his flip flops are orange, not purple!! We gotta stop shopping with Josie=)

Last night Eli got his green blankie and put it over his body with the corner point hanging over his head and down his nose. He starts crawling around the floor saying "I elpant" "I elpant". I said "Eli show Mommy how an elephant moves" and he does this very slow, very exaggerated crawl. It cracked me up!!


  1. People probably think, why does that 4 year old have an infant paci :) Big baby boy!

  2. I am sure they do!! Oh well, think what they want...I'm not going to let him take it to kindergarten, unless he hides it very well in his backpack!! =)