Monday, March 2, 2009

My Little Chatterbox

Eli's language is absolutely exploding right now. It seems like everyday he has more new words! I want to start documenting or I know I will forget. Here are some of my favorites at the moment:

Good Manners:

"Please" usually followed by "chocolate." "Please chocolate please!"
"Thank you" used EVERY TIME you give him something. Melted my heart the night he said "tank you" after I tucked him in!
"I'm Sorry" said after he hurts HIMSELF. I finally figured it out one night in the bathtub after he had stubbed his toe. I am sure it's because I tell him "I'm sorry" when he falls or bumps!
"Hewre" when is trying to hand you something. The first time is fairly polite, the second time is rather loud, and by the third time he is yelling and shoving something for you to take in your direction.
"Excuse me"...oh yeah, he doesn't say that as he thinks burps and toots are hilarious and is laughing too hard...BOYS!!!

The Songs:

He loves to sing, his current songlist includes:
"Twinkle, Twinkle" the first song he ever learned
"The Wheels on the Bus" the favorite at the moment, we sing, listen to, or read the book MANY times a day!
"If You're Happy and You Know It"
"ABC Song"

The Commands:
"No, no, no" to everyone for everything that is not OK. Hmmmm wonder why he is so familiar with those words!
"Sit Mommy" is what he tells me when he wants me to sit and read, sit and watch him take his bath, sit on the other swing at the park, and what he told me the other night after I had been taking pictures of him for 5 minutes already.
The next command is a story. We have a big, yellow lab (Ginger) who likes nothing more than to swim. Eli has called Ginger Good Girl since he could talk because that's what I told her every morning (with Eli on my hip) when she brought the paper in. Ginger is allowed to swim at the duck pond but NOT at the park we go to every day because the water looks like sewer water and smells about that good! The other day Ginger just couldn't contain herself and jumped in the water at the park. This scared Eli because he was too little to remember her swimming last summer and then infuriated him because she scared him. So Eli gets right in Ginger's face shaking his little finger and says "NO, NO, NO Good Girl. No yucky paboat (Eli's word for water, no idea why!). NO NO!!!" This conversation continued for the next half hour we were at the park. The next day he told her "No, no, no Good Girl. No yucky paboat" as soon as I took her leash off. The next day (and everyday since) he gives her the warning before we even leave the house. Poor Good Girl!!

The Random Things:
"I Did It!!"
"Right there!"
"JosieWaWa" He seems to think Josie and LaLa (my sister) have to come as a package!

I know I will think of more and I WILL post them. I don't want to forget!!

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