Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making Me Laugh

Eli does things all the time that keep us in stitches. It's a good thing he's funny...makes up for some of the naughtiness!! These are a few things that have happened this week:
While we were at my parent's for Spring Break, the wind blew non-stop. Angela got the kids kites to fly and they loved them. After we had flown kites and were back at the house Eli saw my Mom's wooden bear holding a little plastic flag. He said, "Grandma, kite" pointing to the flag. Mom said, "no that's a flag." Eli repeated "kite" and she told him again it was a flag. At that point he ripped the plastic flag off the stick, threw it up in the air, and watched it sail away and said again "KITE"!!!!
We ran into the grocery store Sunday for butter and milk. I figured 2 items, one baby, we can do this with no cart...ha, ha! I was carrying Eli (no small task now that he is over 30 pounds!!!), he carried the butter, and I carried the milk. As we were walking toward the checkout he saw a lady pushing her cart. He said, "BASKET" and hurled his butter into HER basket!! She was a little startled but thankfully thought it was funny. Lesson learned...ALWAYS get a basket no matter how few things we are picking up!
Eli has decided he loves "working out" in the garage with his daddy. I think it's the loud music and shiny weights! When Daddy works out he usually takes his shirt off. Now Eli can't wait to get home, pull his shirt off, and "play in garage"!! As long as he will wear clothes elsewhere I am OK with this=) However, today as soon as we got to the gate in the backyard he started trying to get his shirt over his head. Oh dear!!

These pictures are "Daddy's Shadow" helping him vaccuum the living room! Notice their legs in the last pic, they are in an identical position!

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