Friday, March 20, 2009

Famous Phrases

Eli has picked up a few new phrases over Spring Break. He is putting more and more words together! Today he asked for "monkeys jumping on the bed" song!! These are the phrases I have heard over and over this week...
"No Mama!!" Self explanatory and the answer to EVERY question!!
"What's that sound?" This started at my mom's house with her grandfather clock that chimes every 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes we heard "what's that sound?" He now does it with every unfamiliar sound he hears!
"I need Keenixxxx" He has a very runny nose right now and this is a plea for a Kleenex.
"I play basketball" It is March Madness after all...we watch a lot of the games around here!!
"GO, GO POKES!!!!" Again, March Madness time and OSU is in the tourney. They won today and I KNOW it was because of Eli's cheering!! During the Big 12 tourney it was "Go, Go Chokes" I am glad we got the pronunciation taken care of!
Eli has had a cough to go with his runny nose, so after he coughs I ask "are you OK?" and he always says, "NO!!" Poor baby!

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