Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day

Our engine for the day was appropriately named Puffy! Puff he did, LOTS of smoke, ALL day long!!

They waited all day for this picture...love the tongues sticking out!!!

Eli and his bestie Ida!!

Sisters and Cousins!

My favorite picture of the entire day. Josie had just kissed Eli, thus the smug look, and Eli was trying desparately to wipe it off!!

For Mother's Day, Will and Eli made breakfast while I stayed in bed and watched TV. It was very nice!! However, when Eli found out they were not making pancakes, he quit his job as sous chef and went and played in his room while Daddy cooked! Nonetheless, Mommy got to stay in bed! =) After breakfast, Eli and I, Angela and Josie, and our neighbors, Anne and Ida went to Grapevine to ride the train. Eli LOVES train and he was so excited, although he was a bit confused about why this train didn't have a face like Thomas! The train went from Grapevine to Fort Worth and back. We were SUPPOSED to be on the train for 1 1/2 hours to Ft. Worth, spend a couple of hours at the stockyards, and then be on the train for 1 1/2 hours back. Our day did NOT go as scheduled. We left Grapevine at 1:00 and arrived back at Grapevine at 8:30 that night. However, the kids had a great time. The mommies were a little tired by the end of the day! We rode in an open-air train car and Eli picked the seat right by the popcorn machine...OF COURSE!!! Although it was a bit chilly we all loved the open air car! They all snacked on popcorn, and everything else, the whole way there and back. I guess all that fresh air makes you hungry! We ate on a patio restaurant in the stockyards and watch the "cattle run" as we were eating. It was cool to see the Longhorns all pass by! Although it was a long day, we all enjoyed it and I know for sure Eli would do it again tomorrow! Here are some of our pics from the day.

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