Thursday, April 29, 2010


Summers in Texas may be long and hot...but springtime in Texas ROCKS!! These are pictures from a park in Frisco where Eli and Josie LOVE to go play. However, Eli leaves in a diaper every time because this water is just irrestible and he ends up SOAKED!! We have gone here since before he was even walking and he loves it every time we go! Speaking of walking...I was walking Ginger the other night and Eli wanted to go with me. We were talking about our favorite places, he was torn between Grandma's house and McDonalds! Then all of sudden he says "This is my favorite!" I said "Walking with Mommy and Ginger is your favorite" and he said "YES!" Just melted my heart. I explained that we had been making this walk since he was in my tummy. He got very offended by that and said "Daddy hold me when I was little. I NOT walk in your tummy!!" But indeed, Mommy and Ginger have been making that walk before Eli, with Eli inside my tummy, with Eli in the stroller, and now he walks right beside us!! He stops to examine every bug, rock, leaf, and stick, so our walk takes a little longer...but I wouldn't change it for anything!


  1. You are in FRISCO???? We have been to the SAME park! I had NO IDEA we were that close. We HAVE to get together!!!

    - Lisa

  2. Lisa, We are actually in The Colony...but spend lots of time in Frisco=) Would love to get together sometime and let the kids play!