Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Funnies!

**I was talking with Eli this morning. He said "Ginger is a puppy dog." "Scout is a kitty cat." I asked "What is Eli?" His response...CUTE!!!

**We have a story in my family that my grandmother always told us. She was painting one day and up on a ladder. She asked one of the boys (my dad or my uncle) to go get her a drink of water. They did and as she was drinking this nice cold water she realized the only place they could reach water was the toilet! Well... tonight after we came home from our walk, Eli was standing in the kitchen with a full cup of water having a drink. I begin looking around to see where he could reach water. GINGER'S BOWL!! I asked him if he filled his cup up out of the dog bowl and he said "YEAH!!" YUMMY!!! And the story goes on...

**The pics at the top are from Hawaiian Falls. The little girl that is not Josie is our new neighbor and friend Ida. She went swimming with us last week but they left before we did. We were in the lazy river and some little girls were calling for their friend Maya. Eli kept saying "NO! It Ida!!"

**Josie calls me Chelle and we have been with Josie a lot lately. Eli and I were reading a book about the beach and asked "what's that?" and pointed to a seashell. I said "that's a shell." He then pointed to a starfish and asked "Josie?" "Wawa?"