Thursday, February 5, 2009

Melmo House!!

Tonight while Eli was taking a bath and jabbering away (as is his custom in the bathtub!) he started asking about all his friends. He met a little girl Katy at the park tonight, so he said "Katy? Home?" I told him yes, Katy had to go home. "WaWa (my sister, Angela or LaLa)? Home?" "Yes, LaLa is at home." We went through Grandma, Papa, Zoey, and everyone else he knows! All of a sudden he lights up and says "Melmo! House!" Melmo is what he calls Elmo. I asked him what he was talking about and he said "Melmo! House!" again. I asked him where is Elmo's house and he jumps out of the tub and starts running down the hall. In our entry way we have a little cupboard where we keep some of his stuff and his shoes are in the bottom. One pair of shoes is a pair of Elmo houseshoes. He throws open the cabinet door and points to the houseshoes and says, "Melmo! House!" I was laughing so hard, apparently he thinks Elmo lives in our cupboard=) Too bad we don't have an Elmo Live that would have talked to him when he opened the door!!


  1. Good memories!! Hunter also called Elmo, "Melmo!!!" I tried so hard to talk one of my kids into going to see Elmo this year and no one wanted to go, figured I would look strange going to see Elmo with no kids!!!