Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy's Met Her Match!

Keep this sweet innocent face in mind as I talk bad about him=)

Oh my! My sweet boy baby is turning into a full-blown toddler! I may have met my match=) First of all, since Christmas and spending a week with grandparents and cousin Josie, he started calling me Chelle instead of Momma (Thanks Josie!). This week he has added Baby to my list of names (Thanks Will!). I told him if he calls his mommy "Baby" at school his friends will make fun of him! Second, he has said nothing but NO to me for the past 48 hours...and NO means NO!! Lastly, he has a head as hard as mine ever thought about being and is strong enough not to get MY will imposed upon HIM!! If you think I'm kidding come try to put the kiddo in his highchair, stroller, or carseat when he doesn't want to be there.

My very opinionated toddler NOW!

My very sweet baby boy THEN!!

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